The fastest path to prosperity is to give your employees the confidence to return to a safe work environment. Once employees are safe, customers will feel safe doing business again. We are here to help make that happen. Now you can get your workers tested at home, before returning to work, at an affordable cost.

Significant & Unmatched Business Benefits

Reliant’s COVID-19 Business Confidence testing solution solves MANY of the problems facing companies today:

  • Returns employees to the work place with greater confidence

  • Recovers missing productivity not possible in work-at-home environments

  • Increases confidence in customers doing business with you and your employees at locations or in the field

  • Signals to employees and all stakeholders the commitment to care from the company

  • Decreases the likelihood of future business disruption from COVID resurgence

  • Increases accuracy in diagnosis

  • Increases compliance end-to-end with best in class companies

  • Jumpstarts the economy faster with recurring employee testing

Let’s Get Started.

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