The fastest path to prosperity is to give your employees the confidence to return to a safe work environment. Our group of industry leaders is here to make that happen. Now your can get your workers tested at home, at work or at a lab or clinic. The faster we get everyone tested, the faster they can return to work to recover the side effects caused by COVID-19.

Let’s make it happen.

The Fastest Path To Business Recovery & Growth

Few employees want to return to work not knowing whether the workspace is safe. And yet ensuring your employees have been tested will give everyone the confidence to pull together and speed your recovery and success.

The Reliant Business Confidence testing solution allows you to enable testing for your employees at a location that works for them - their home, your workplace or labs and clinics.

Our mission is to ensure their comfort, safety, privacy and convenience when getting tested so they can return happy and confident to the workplace.

There is no alternative to testing your employees. The Reliant solution will ensure rapid tests, rapid results and rapid recovery.

How The Reliant Solution Works

Reliant is happy to provide the safest, most reliable, most scalable solutions to keep your front-line workers and employees safe.

Medical Professional In Person Appointment
A licensed Medical professional will explain the quick and easy procedure. Our testing locations range from but are not limited to the workplace, lab/clinic, drive thru testing centers to even the home of patients.

Information Capture
Licensed medical professional gathers patient information before and after the test.

Conduct Test
Each patient will have specified the type of test preferred ahead of time. The medical professional will administer a nasal swab, pin prick to the finger (blood sample) or saliva test in person. The speed of results may vary depending on the type of test.

Immediate Assessment
Whether the test results are immediate or processed via a lab, the StaySafe solution will provide for immediate guidance and care. Including verbal and written instructions on precautions for them and their loved ones as well as expeditious connection with a tele-health board certified doctors immediately for a deeper assessment if necessary and next step guidance.

If the patient is negative, the StaySafe experience will provide detailed precautions and guidance.

Telehealth Physician Appointment
Detailed recommendations and guidance are provided to patients whom test positive either immediately or once test results are rendered by the lab.

In addition, for patients having less serious cases they will have an option to receive an automated email with patient care recommendation WITHOUT burdening the physical hospital infrastructure, supplies or health of our front line workers.

Has your business been affected by COVID-19?


Be Part of the Solution

Engaging with Reliant is easy. Simply contact us to custom design the perfect testing solution for your company. In many cases we can implement this within a few days.

We will even help you with regular re-testing services to help protect your company and workers over time.

And, once you’re a Reliant Business, we’ll thank you by publishing your commitment on our global Operation StaySafe list for employees, investors and customers to see. Be part of the solution!


Significant & Unmatched Benefits

Reliant’s COVID-19 testing solutions solve MANY of the problems facing businesses, government and hospital systems nationwide and delivers benefits like:

High volume production capabilities at millions per week
Reduces foot traffic at hospitals
Reduces spread waiting for hospital diagnosis (lines)
Conserves medical supplies
Preserves health of front line medical workers
Optimizes effectiveness and time for front line medical workers by eliminating non-critical patients
Harnesses thousands of non-leveraged physicians
Delivers choice of location and test type (inclusive)
Increases accuracy in diagnosis - medically supervised
Speeds isolation and localized contingency plans
Reduces the effect of self-diagnosed false negatives
Reduces burden of ongoing care
Increases care for non-COVID 19 health issues
Reduces burden on overwhelmed labs
Increases compliance end-to-end with best in class companies
Jumpstarts the economy faster with recurring employee testing

Protect Your Workers. Protect Your Workplace. Ensure Your Longevity and Prosperity.