The fastest path to prosperity is to give your employees the confidence to return to a safe work environment. Once employees are safe, customers will feel safe doing business again. Our coalition of industry leaders is here to make that happen. Now you can get your workers tested at home, at work or at a lab or clinic. The faster we get everyone tested, the faster they can return to work to recover the side effects caused by COVID-19.

Let’s make it happen.

How The Reliant Business Confidence Solution Works

Our coalition is happy to provide the safest, most reliable, most scalable solutions to keep your front-line workers and employees safe.

Discovery & Feasibility

Regardless of the size or location of your business, our team of talented professionals will first work with you to understand your unique situation, the demographics of your employee and service provider base, and the goals for your business ecosystem given COVID-19.

We’ll also discuss feasibility based on locations, frequency, funding/reimbursement vehicles, test types, and other important logistics.

Architect, Scope & Plan

With the mission of delivering confidence to your employee base, a cross-functional team will work with your key executives to map out a plan that can be executed with precision from test sourcing to administration to collection to data reporting to action outcomes.

Our communication specialists will also help build an information execution plan to all stakeholders – employees, service providers, customers, partners, investors and others before and throughout the effort.

Campaign Execution

The Relaint solution has the unique ability to administer both a flexible, thorough and persistent testing plan. We understand the need for persistent testing to ensure constantly that all employees, customers and partners are cleared to engage in a socially responsible but physical space.

So whether testing at employee homes or the office itself, Reliant has it covered with licensed medical professionals that can administer a non-invasive mid-nasal swab or saliva test in person virtually anywhere. Typically turn around time is 24-48 hours with a guarantee of 72 hours after specimen collection.

Whether the test results are immediate or processed via a lab, the Relaint solution will provide for immediate guidance and care. Including verbal and written instructions on precautions for them and their loved ones as well as the potential for expeditious connection with tele-health board certified physicians for a deeper assessment if necessary.

Everyone stays informed. Everyone will have confidence that your business is doing everything possible to stay safe throughout the year.

Quality Control, Measurement & Reporting

The comprehensive Reliant technology data capture platform has been used by some of the largest pharmaceutical institutions. In all cases, end users own their own data and can decide to share this information. For the greater public good, this data may be required to, for example, enter the office or service customers.

In any regard, regular reporting is critical to enable your executives and support staff to make adjustments to policy and the ongoing plan.

Most important, Reliant is a partner in your effort to protect your employees and their loved ones. All because of our  ability to deliver EVERYTHING needed to make this happen with a single, powerful relationship.

The Fastest Path To Business Recovery & Growth

Few employees want to return to work not knowing whether the workspace is safe. And yet ensuring your employees have been tested will give everyone the confidence to pull together and speed your recovery and success.

The Reliant Business Confidence testing solution allows you to deliver a persistent testing solution for your employees at a location that works for them – their home, your workplace or labs and clinics.

Our mission is to ensure their comfort, safety, privacy and convenience when getting tested so they can return happy and confident to the workplace.

To ensure you provide the safest workplace possible, there is no alternative to testing your employees. The Reliant solution will ensure accurate testing, quick results and comprehensive care.

Significant & Unmatched Business Benefits

Reliant’s COVID-19 Business Confidence testing solution solves MANY of the problems facing companies today:

      1. Returns employees to the work place with greater confidence

      2. Recovers missing productivity not possible in work-at-home environments

      3. Increases confidence in customers doing business with you and your employees at locations or in the field

      4. Signals to employees and all stakeholders the commitment to care from the company

      5. Decreases the likelihood of future business disruption from COVID resurgence

      6. Delivers choice of location and test type (inclusive) to employees

      7. Increases accuracy in diagnosis – medically supervised

      8. Increases compliance end-to-end with best in class companies

      9. Jumpstarts the economy faster with recurring employee testing

About Insurance:

Reliant works with labs and medical providers who accept most major insurance plans. We are happy to assist in generating SuperBills for services rendered to facilitate insurance reimbursement. While the Federal Government has legislated that COVID testing is covered by all insurance plans through the CARES act, we cannot guarantee that any specific insurer will reimburse the cost of any specific test. We advise all parties to review insurance plan and consult with their carrier if they have any specific questions regarding coverage.

Irrespective of insurance coverage, our service is a vital component of building a robust public health response to COVID, as regular, widespread screening tests are a critical step in risk management and in keeping employees and their loved ones safe. America, and its business community, cannot return to prominence without safe, accurate, and routine testing – meaning that the true leaders in industry are implementing widespread testing because it’s the right thing to do and a path to economic recovery.

At Reliant Health Services we want to assist you in every step on re-opening businesses safely. Complete the form below to download our “Guidance for Reopening Business” presentation. Thank you.