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Reliant Health Services is a turn-key Covid-19 testing solution that has been serving businesses and communities since 2014 – providing over one million COVID-19 tests to date.

Our Experience

Working with large scale testing initiatives has given us a perspective on testing that we are able to pass on to our clients. Conducting consistent testing requires a nuanced approach to supply-chain logistics, management of human resources, and a compassionate approach to interfacing with the lives of employees and community members.

By reducing the friction in test coordination, we are able to deliver a world class experience. By utilizing highly precise testing protocols, with minimally invasive specimen collection methods, we create the most comfortable experience possible for persons undergoing testing.

“Our initial COVID testing program was very expensive and required significant time to administer. With Reliant’s solution our overall cost went down by 85% and because it’s so easy, now we get test results in about 10 minutes versus several hours. We always recommend Reliant’s solution”

Chance Pinkerton
Co-founder/CEO, Room to Roam

Case Studies