Your Business & Its COVID Testing Duty for Employee Health

Employee health should be a priority for your business all the time. But it’s especially important right now, as we continue to navigate the uncertain waters the COVID pandemic has thrown us into.

While the OSHA mandate didn’t go into effect the way many thought it would at the beginning of the year, employee health is still at risk. There are many business reasons for wanting a healthy staff. You want as many employees as possible in-office or online because there’s work to be done. Having a large chunk of your workforce overcome with illness isn’t good for anyone: not for you or your as-yet unaffected staff members.

Let’s discuss your business and its COVID testing duty.

Assessing Risk

The level of risk to COVID exposures in the workplace varies. Assessing risk is a normal part of business operations, and health risks are no exemption.  

While, in general, businesses are responsible for employee safety, health risks must also be addressed as they pertain to your business, its processes, and the inherent safety that goes along with it. For example, if you are a business that operates mostly remotely, without a ton of in-person meetings or conferences, the risks are much lower in this pandemic.

If you are like the majority of American businesses, however, you are probably accepting certain risks to continue your company’s operations. You can’t move all the cubicles in your offices to be 6 feet apart, and you can’t install a high-efficiency ventilation system in your building in the next few days.

Following current guidelines for business and community spaces is a must. As you’ve probably already done – likely around March of 2020 – your business should be assessed to ensure you’ve implemented as many protocols as you could to keep your employees healthy and free from COVID-19 outbreaks.

Assessing the COVID-related risks to employee health looks different for every business.

It looks like offering rapid covid testing to a range of individuals, from exposed and asymptomatic to your entire workforce

It looks like finding a testing schedule that corresponds to the current level of risk.

For example, some companies will need to test every week, like those in healthcare or other fields where employees interact with vulnerable populations frequently. Or it could be more situation-based. Is your executive team about to head to one of their first corporate conferences in two years? Offering rapid testing could make their travel plans smoother.

Why Test Employees in Bulk if OSHA Doesn’t Say I Have To?

The hardest thing about this pandemic is that there are no hard and fast rules for ensuring you don’t have an outbreak in your facilities. And many sources have conflicting information on what you should or shouldn’t be doing to protect yourself, your coworkers, and your family.

However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do the best with what we have.

While vaccines are now widely available, not everyone is getting vaccinated. Children, disabled or immunocompromised individuals, those who don’t want the vaccine due to religious or other beliefs – these are all people who work with you and your teams to create successful solutions and momentum for your business. And we want to make sure these people are just as protected from whatever COVID may throw at us.

By utilizing bulk COVID rapid tests, you can quickly make sure all your staff members are safe, without having to add any more inconvenience to your workday. Business COVID tests are one of the easiest ways to minimize mass call-ins and other complications, and it also shows your employees that you care about their well-being.

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Protecting Employee Privacy

The implementation of a process that involves bulk COVID rapid tests could mean some of your employees will fear for their privacy.

The first thing you should do to assuage that fear is to communicate all testing policies clearly and openly. Make sure you have processes in place for answering questions and responding to concerns.

Reliant Health Services can help you set up a good time and place for your employees to get tested in a discrete and private manner. The test results are supervised by a medical professional and all result reports are delivered electronically, within an hour of completing the test.

Our protocols ensure that we get your employees tested in a way that is minimally disruptive. We also ensure that the results are integrated into your HR system, as another privacy safeguarding measure.


Reliant’s mission is to create rapid COVID testing solutions that foster employee health so we can help end this pandemic faster.

Our services can be in place in a matter of days, not weeks. All testing and solutions meet OSHA’s testing requirements and are designed to be scalable. Here’s what Jason Vargas, Director of Destination Experience at Inspirato LLC, had to say:

“We have over 800 employees in multiple locations all over the world who need an easy, cost-efficient COVID testing solution. That is why we rely on Reliant. It’s cost-effective, accurate, scalable and unlike most other solutions, you’re done in about 12 minutes. They have performed over 30,000 tests with us with no issues and they always have availability, which is crucial for us.”

Reliant – Your Solution for Business COVID Tests

Fostering employee health has never been easier. Reliant Health Services has top-notch rapid COVID testing for businesses. Your business can’t afford any more shutdowns or delays. You’re already working through supply chain issues, rising inflation, and other big blows to the success and profitability of your business. There’s no reason to add “workplace COVID outbreak” to the list of things you’re fighting against.

Reliant Health Services offers FDA authorized and medically supervised testing with programmatic integration to HR systems. We want to make it easy and quick for you to test and protect your work family. Are you ready to get started? Reach out to us today.